Gretchen is 18 Months Old!

(You know those days when you wake up in the morning intending to be super productive, then you head back to bed at 8:30am with malaria?  You take medicine and park in front of the computer, because you have a blog post due, along with many other things, and the internet is so rubbish that it takes more than two hours to post three photos.)
Yesterday, this little beauty achieved 18 months!  She’s a shiny, happy little girl who chatters away, sometimes in English, sometimes in gibberish.  She loves to copy our house helper, Adera, who always wears a scarf over her head when she’s outside.  This purple scarf was a gift many years ago from Mama Esther Muhagachi, and it’s nice and soft, so she loves to pull it out to play with.

She is also *in love* with Dora the Explorer.  She always asks to watch “DORA!” on the tablet or the laptop, and she complains loudly when Inno or Wesley try to change the channel away from her friends, whose names she all knows: Dora, Swiper (“shwipa”) and Boots.

She also loves her baby doll (“Baby!”) and carries her around, puts her to sleep, and smacks Wesley with her.

Although Gretchen is completely enamored with her father, we’re getting ready for five weeks traveling together.  She’s a friendly, flexible little girl, and I think many of you will enjoy meeting her in the coming weeks!

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