Photos from Sindo visit to Install Dani’s Water Tank

Two weeks ago I asked for help to buy materials for a new bathroom for Fred’s grandmother, Dani.  Within 24 hours, the project, along with repairs to Dorina’s house, had been fully funded.  A few days later, Fred and the boys went up to Sindo, his home village, to complete the project.
Here’s the new water tank.  You can see the rocky and hilly terrain around the house which caused her to fall and injure her chest a month ago.

This is the new bathing house, right next to the kitchen, at the same level as the house and kitchen, so she doesn’t need to climb any more hills.

Dani had been so sick she couldn’t leave bed before Fred arrived, but once he arrived and gave her some massage with eucalyptus oil and muscle balm, she slept more soundly than she had for months and rose refreshed.  Here she is modeling the new bathing tap with the boys.  This faucet will make it so that she doesn’t have to carry buckets for her bathing water.

Before they could leave Sindo, the car needed some repairs.  That was a perfect chance for Wesley to get out his box of tools and “help” the mechanic, just as he had been “helping” the man who constructed the water tank frame and the bathing house.  Inno was just bored.

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